Is it too late for America?

robin and carole roberts

Is it too late for America?

Some would say, “It is too late for America! It is too, too late for America to recover!” Some have even heard the “death knoll” being tolled across the airwaves of this nation! But the End is not yet! Tribulations, trials, disputations, and judgments shall follow those who will have none of ME or My Plan for this nation! A Dichotomy of attitudes and outcomes shall be prevalent all across this land. A stark contrast shall be evident even unto those who “believe not!”

A Separation! A Separation! A Separation of families, of blood, and of kin! A Separation of the heart, Mother against daughter; Father against son; brother against brother shall be the rule of America’s last Days! A Division shall come and peak greater than that of the American Civil War! Rather than being a geographical division, it will be a division of the heart! Believers versus Unbelievers; Righteousness versus Unrighteousness; Light versus Darkness; Christ versus Belial!

Some will wish it will be not so! A House divided against itself cannot stand! There is no turning back, only a turning of hearts! For those who refuse to yield to My Plan for their lives, times, times, and times again shall be granted for them to repent! All the while, trials, tribulations, and judgments shall encompass them as “time” runs out!

But the Household of the Righteous despite persecution shall arise and shine! Preparation for the King’s return shall be front and center of their talk and actions! Amazing days and amazing nights shall run out time’s clock! Oh the Glory of those Days! The Glory of God shall come seemingly out of nowhere and remain! People shall be drawn unto the Glory of God! The results will stagger the imagination! Signs, wonders, miracles, and visitations will accompany the Glory of God! An urgency of the hour shall propel people to respond to God! The later it is, the greater will be the Harvest!

It is not a time to lament the darkness of the hour, nor to look back to of decades past, but a time to look up for your redemption draws nigh! Rejoice! Again, I say, Rejoice! For the fulfilling of all things is at hand and you have been granted a “ringside seat” to watch Heaven and Earth complete this epoch! What a Day that will be, when your Jesus you shall see!

Robin J. Roberts

23 Living waters christian fellowship 2011