Happy Mother’s Day 2

robin and carole roberts

A Child’s greatest wish is to have a Godly mother! I should know as I had one! Rosella Mae Dehner was a child of “The Greatest Generation”. She was born and grew up in the Midwest in a middleclass family of eight children (four boys and four girls). At age 16, she eloped with the love of her life, Robert Joseph Roberts age 19! World War Two had begun and the draft beaconed this dairy farmer’s son. Rather than be drafted in the army and “march to war”, Bob enlisted in navy where he received a ride to war (plus the “chow” was better!) Rosella joined Bob in California for six months after basic training and before he was “shipped out” to the Pacific theater. Rosella returned home to her parents expecting her first son of six children. (Five boys and a girl).

After the war, life became quite busy for Roberts’ household. Rosella gave birth to her only daughter, then ten months later followed by another son, then eighteen months later followed twin sons, and finally eighteen months later the last son was born! (Rosella had four children in cloth diapers at the same time!) Rosella was no stranger to work! Like most housewives of her era, she prepared and cooked three meals a day seven days a week, cleaned the house, did the laundry, ironed the clothes, sewed and mended clothing, brought groceries, canned fruits and vegetables, made jams and jellies, and still found time to read to her fledgling brood!

Rosella put her husband and her children first before herself. She was not too proud to work outside the home when family economic needs dictated it. Rosella cleaned houses, was a secretary, a waitress, a retail clerk, a school cafeteria cook, and a salesman. She sold World Book encyclopedias so her children would have a set of encyclopedias! She sold Watkins’ products for her family’s benefit and use.

Rosella was no stranger to deferred gratification! She received her driver’s license at age 38, after learning to drive in a 1948 Chevrolet. At age 42, Rosella fulfilled a life long dream of being a nurse by attending nursing school and graduating at the head of her class! At age 43, Rosella & Bob bought their first brand new car! At age 44, Rosella owned her first home! At age 60, Rosella prayed with Bob to receive Christ!

In case you have not figured it by now, Rosella was my mother. Mom exhibited many outstanding qualities. She was kind, compassionate, and forgiving. She was highly intelligent yet humble, very social, and an avid reader. She was flexible and quick to adapt to new circumstances. (In my first twelve years of schooling, I had moved thirteen times!) Yet on few things Mom was inflexible on! One was going to church! She took us to church whether we wanted to go or not! Like most of us, Mom grew in faith as she naturally matured! Her Bible was well worn at the time of her passing. Another area where Mom was inflexible was with the use of profanity! If we cussed, we got our mouths washed out with soap!

The greatest quality Mom exhibited was love! Mom simply loved you! You knew she loved and believed in you! She was always “in your corner”! Mom’s steadfast love encouraged you to reach out for the moon! That Mother’s love is still present and felt, even though Mom is looking over the rails from Heaven. Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

23 Living waters christian fellowship 2011